Leadership Transition and
Organizational Change

Icatalyst’s Transition Management services focus on leadership.  True Leadership. Many reports that assess the tenure of nonprofit leaders suggest that most executive directors, CEOs and Presidents stay in their position for an average of five to seven years. Since nonprofit leaders play such a pivotal role in the culture, sustainability, and structure of an organization, planning for their departure is an important and often overlooked consideration. Succession planning serves provides a roadmap for the eventual transition that helps to prepare staff, funders and the board for changes to come.

Icatalyst Consulting and Coaching’s Transition services are designed to help senior officers and the board to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence while continuing to increase their value proposition in the field.  In addition to succession planning, our Transition Management services include other large organizational change areas. We will partner with you in the following:

  • Interim Leadership Management
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Developing a strategy to manage and/or bring about organizational change
  • Nonprofit restructuring, strategic partnership formation and mergers

Leadership/Executive Coaching Services

People often assume that simply because one occupies a leadership position, one becomes a leader. That assumption is not necessarily correct. Leading effectively is as much about the "What" of leadership as it is about the "How". In other words, holding a position of responsibility, particularly in relationship to others, is only part of the leadership equation. We, at Icatalyst, believe that there is no leadership without effective leadership. Therefore, how one leads is as important a consideration as that one leads. Our Leadership and Executive Coaching services are designed to cultivate intentional leaders who have the ability to affect positive change by improving value systems, culture and organizational innovations.

We recognize that leaders and leadership skills can be developed at every level. However our focus is primarily on building of the capacity of senior managers, executives and CEOs to strengthen their performance, address their responsibilities, and increase their awareness of the impact their individual leadership styles have or can have on creating highly motivated, agile, and performing organizations.

Therefore, Icatalyst Executive Coaching Services are designed to:

  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Achieve greater clarity
  • Turn problems into opportunities for growth
  • Develop and fine-tune leadership skills
  • Manage time and others more efficiently
  • Manage change and transition
  • Make better decisions
  • Create and operationalize better decision making processes within the organization, ministry, division or unit