About Us

We are committed to your success — however you choose to define it. We will help you adapt to a changing environment, build your capacity and guide you and your organization toward growth and sustainability.

Our approach is based on building trusting relationships with our clients. We navigate the delicate balance between being a partner and serving as an extension of your leadership/management team. By so doing, we are better positioned to help you to identify opportunities and trends that can set you off in new directions, or to create more effective processes that allow your staff to function better within an established paradigm. We also offer objective, and sometimes challenging feedback, designed to lead you to the attainment of your organizational goals.  This approach is what we call value-added consultancy. It is the on-going achievement of mission through strategic analysis and critical feedback.

What We Do

Icatalyst Consulting and Coaching (Icatalyst) brings value-added management consulting and organizational development expertise to the nonprofit and public sectors. Our firm has worked with large public sector entities and organizations as well as small start-ups who value the benefit of using experienced, outside strategic perspective to help them optimize resources, capacities, and opportunities in a competitive environment.

Icatalyst helps clients to improve organizational strategy, enhance the effectiveness of internal operations and client services, as well as strengthen leadership capabilities. In short, Icatalyst helps clients to translate big ideas into concrete steps for action, by identifying shortcomings, and designing implementation strategies that improve leadership and organizational performance.

We offer a wide range of services in capacity building, transition management including interim leadership management, management consulting, and organizational development by using methodologies in coaching, technical assistance, training, consulting, mediation and a wide range of organizational improvement strategies. First we listen, next we assess, and then we offer improvement strategies that help to move you forward.

Our Business

We specialize in helping you identify creative strategies that optimize your performance and move your organization, government, ministry or business goals forward.

We offer strategic management, consulting and coaching solutions that help you turn problems into opportunities. Our approaches are tailored to help you and your organization get from point A to point Z while being mindful of the competitive and quickly changing global environment in which we all now operate.


What's blocking you from taking that next step?

What's keeping your vision stifled?

Contact us at info@myicatalyst.com or 617-872-8511 for an outside perspective.